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1. Our services and management conditions

2. Costs and revenues

Ardn-bnb is a concierge company specialized in tourist accommodations. Created in 2019 by 4 childhood friends from La Roche-en-Ardenne, Ardn-bnb aims to free owners of tourist accommodations or second homes from all constraints related to rental management.
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Ardn-bnb offers to owners who wish to rent out their accommodation for tourism purposes to take charge of the rental management.

The services include :

- Advice on optimizing the property before renting it out.
- Professional photo coverage and publication of ads on different platforms.
- Management of the reservation calendar, pricing and promotions.
- Management of payments.
- Contact with travelers 24/24 (Fr, Ndls, Eng).
- Automation of check-in and check-out via our tools and applications.
- Post-departure cleaning, laundry and consumables replenishment.
- 24/7 technical assistance in case of breakdowns or problems during the rental period.
- Small works and repairs.

We install a lockbox for each of our accommodations. A lockbox is a box that works with a code and allows you to deposit your set of keys in a secure way to facilitate the access of travelers, regardless of their arrival time. It opens with a code that we communicate only to travelers and our cleaning service providers.
It is important to allow at least 15 days before putting the property up for rent so that we have time to set up a photo shoot, list the necessary equipment, create the ads, etc...
We are able to manage any type of tourist accommodation, however we systematically plan a visit of the properties in order to evaluate the rental potential and the profitability. The goal being a win-win collaboration, some properties do not fit into our criteria.
We prefer travelers with positive reviews and verified profiles. We do not allow pets in our accommodations and we do not accept smokers.
Absolutely, Ardn-bnb works in full transparency and gives access to owners wishing to keep an eye on their accommodation to all interactions, calendar, promotions etc. ... In addition, the monthly invoice includes all transactions received from rentals as well as charges (commissions, consumables bill ...).
Yes, you can still stay in your accommodation to a reasonable extent that does not jeopardize the rentals. We cannot, for example, cancel guest bookings for you or block excessively long periods.
Ardn-bnb is the only existing concierge service in the Belgian Ardennes offering a complete management service. We are hosts ourselves and have therefore thought about the best possible customer experience.
We advise you on the purchase of bedding, but it remains your responsibility (i.e. that of the owners). We take care of the laundry and restock the basic consumables (shampoo, soap, garbage bags, toilet paper).
Our service providers clean your accommodation after each rental. Travelers are responsible for the cleaning costs. They are directly added to the amount of their reservation. Supplies of consumables are subject to a separate fee of 15% VAT of the ticket amount, at the owner's expense.
We only offer a global service and a management of the rentals from A to Z. It is therefore not possible to select only some of our services.
No, if we do not have to intervene, you will not be charged. However, if you want our teams to clean after your departure, you will be charged for the cleaning.

In this case, you can redirect them directly to our website in order to avoid commissions due to other platforms.

In order to guarantee our efficiency and professionalism, we limit our interventions to a 30' radius around La Roche-en-Ardenne.
We don't work with fixed fees but with a commission system on revenues. This way, between the owners and Ardn-bnb, it is a win-win relationship. No rental = no income for us.
The management fee is 30% VAT of the net income of the accommodation (we define net income as the gross income minus the fees charged by the platforms used). Cleaning, laundry and tourist taxes are not part of this net income and will not be subject to the 30% VAT fee.

Thanks to our experience in the field, we establish a periodic price list (high season, mid season, low season, mid-week, week end).


We also make optimizations according to the exceptional periods which can occur during the year (sporting events in the area, festivals, etc...)


In this way we look for the right price in order to get the maximum booking rate and profitability.

3. Contract

From the moment you sign the contract, it is possible to stop at any time after the first year with a 3-month notice.

4. Insurance and guarantees

We ask for a deposit from each traveler staying in your accommodation. This is mentioned in your advertisement.


The amount of the deposit is equivalent to ***. It will be used only in case of a dispute during the rental period.

In case of breakage, our contract stipulates that we allow ourselves to intervene for any urgent and necessary repair not exceeding 350€ excluding VAT (Example: a water leak that could deteriorate the home, an electrical breakdown, etc.).

If the repair requires heavier work we will submit an estimate that you will be free to accept or refuse.

Whatever happens, we will keep you informed as soon as possible.


If the traveler is responsible for breakage or theft (proven), thanks to the deposit system in place we will take care of deducting the amount of the damage from the deposit.

In accordance with the legislation in force, the owner undertakes to take out an insurance policy covering his liability in the event of fire or damage to the accommodation at the latest at the time of the entry into force of this contract. The owner undertakes to inform his insurer of the short-term rental of his property so as to include the liability of the clients in his coverage.

5. Contacts

The best way is to contact us by email at
Or by phone at
Do not hesitate to visit our website

Our office is located at Rue de l'église 19, 6980 La Roche-en-Ardenne.

The whole point of our services is to free you as much as possible.

In the event of a problem in your home, we intervene as quickly as possible to remedy it. It is foreseen in our contract that we allow ourselves to intervene for any urgent and necessary repair not exceeding 350€ HTVA (Example: a water leak which can deteriorate the housing, an electric breakdown, etc.)


If the repair requires heavier work, we will submit an estimate that you will be free to accept or refuse.
Whatever happens, we will keep you informed as soon as possible.

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