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Would you like to invest your time in something other than the rental management of your proprety? Ardn-bnb is the reference concierge agency in the Belgian Ardennes. We take care of everything, from A to Z. Take advantage of the benefits of short term rentals, without constraints.


For several years now, tourist rentals have become an unavoidable way to obtain a substantial additional income. However, one should not neglect the quality of the offer, the customer communication, the cleanliness of the proprety or the small repair works. This is where Ardn-bnb comes in and is ready to perform these tasks for you. Don't hesitate any longer: entrust your home to local, available and passionate people!

It is by trusting us, that you decide to take full advantage of your property and remove the possible constraints that an owner must face. Let's not forget that the quality of the service generates satisfaction and happiness of the customers.
Doublez vos revenus

Double your income

The occupancy rate of our units is 75% for the period from April 2021 to July 2021 (taking into account both weekdays and weekends). The income is two to three times higher than a traditional rent.
100% De temps en plus

100% More time

No intervention on your part is required. You benefit from 70% of the income for 0% of the work to be done.
Comme un pro

Like a pro

Are you a homeowner?

We explain it all to you!

1. Supervision and advice

We study your property in order to define an appropriate pricing plan and optimize your revenues. We suggest ways to improve the quality of your accommodation. All this with no obligation of commitment afterwards.

2. Management of the advertisements

We use a professional photographic service to capture the best shots of your Place. We take care of the creation of the advertisements and take particular care to make the text attractive and personalized in order to make you stand out from the competition.

3. Traveler interaction

We communicate with travelers in advance online or by phone regarding reservations. We take care of their arrival and departure via an autonomous entry system and carry out an inventory of fixtures at the exit, during the cleaning service.

4. Laundry and cleaning

You provide the bedding (sheets, towels, bath mats, dish towels) and we take care of the laundry. The basic consumables are available to guests (soap, shampoo, garbage bags and toilet paper). We take care of the cleaning of your accommodation, and we clean it as if it was our own!

5. Accommodation maintenance

Ardn-bnb also takes care of the small maintenance tasks necessary for the proper functioning of your accommodation. (e.g. repairing a water leak)

6. 24/7 customer service

We remain at the disposal of our clients 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. In the event of any concern or emergency, one of our staff will be available to respond to the need and will go on site, if necessary.


We also offer personalized tourist information and local recommendations.

An example customer

What better way to talk about it!

Pitch 15: Comfort and authenticity – 5 minutes from Achouffe


This duplex is located in Nadrin, 5 minutes from Achouffe and less than 15 minutes from Houffalize and La Roche. It can welcome 2 travelers and has the following facilities:

Many activities are available nearby (mountain biking, kayaking, forest walks, etc.).

Since I work with Ardn-bnb, I am much more serene when I want to go on vacation or other. I no longer have to worry about the arrival/departure of travelers, or having to intervene during their stay because of some incident. I have never had to deal with unpaid bills because the agency takes care of everything with the platforms and the travelers.
I don't have to make incessant trips to restock the lodge (with salt, pepper, etc.) or to take care of the laundry. The practicality and efficiency of this concierge service are the key words that define it.
And finally, I have to admit that since I have been working with Ardn-bnb, I have received nothing but positive comments from travelers about my accommodation, which has earned me a 4.88 star rating on airbnb and has only increased the number of reservations. In short, I am delighted!

Pitch 15 in a few figures over a period of 6 months (March 2021 to August 2021):

Average occupancy rate

On average, Pitch 15 has enjoyed an occupancy rate of 85.33%.

Nights booked

Pitch 15 was occupied by travelers for 157 nights over this 6-month period.

Revenue generated

Pitch 15 has generated 21 293€ of turnover over this 6 month period, which is equivalent to 3 548,8€/month, that is to say 2 484€/month net since Ardn-bnb takes a 30% commission.
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