Rules and regulations for seasonal rentals

The respect of the internal rules of the property is mandatory during your stay. Failure to comply with these rules may result in penalties, such as deductions from the deposit by the manager "Ardn-bnb".

1. General conditions

a) All travelers (and visitors) must comply with the house rules and any other instructions provided by the manager "Ard-bnb".
b) CHECK-IN: The check-in can take place at any time after 4 pm unless otherwise agreed
c) CHECK-OUT: The check-out time is 11:00 a.m. maximum unless otherwise agreed upon. In case of unreasonable late check-out, the traveler agrees to pay an additional night. Ardn-bnb will be the sole judge of the unreasonableness of the overrun and is entitled to deduct this fee from the deposit.
d) Travelers must inform the manager "Ardn-bnb" of any incident or complaint from the neighborhood as soon as possible.
e) Travelers are fully and under all circumstances responsible for the safetý of their children as well as for any disturbance caused to the neighborhood.
f) Travelers must make as little noise as possible so as not to disturb the residents of neighboring properties, especially during the night (10:00 p.m. - 8:00 a.m.) as well as upon arrival and departure ;

g) Noise nuisance is prohibited at any time and may result in termination of the seasonal rental contract, eviction, loss of expenses incurred as well as deductions from the security deposit. Details relating to the fines imposed in the event of non-compliance with this provision are stipulated in your travel guide

h) Travelers must not engage in any antisocial behavior. They are asked to minimize their immediate impact on the neighborhood and local residents.
i) Travelers are not allowed to invite visitors during their stay.

j) It is strictly forbidden to organize parties or any other type of large gathering in the property under penalty of eviction, loss of costs incurred as well as total withholding of the deposit.

k) Travelers and are required to dispose of their garbage and recycling waste in the garbage cans provided for this purpose and in accordance with the current procedure related to the propertý. Under no circumstances shall litter be left in any public area or common areas.
l) Whenever travelers leave the property, they are required to ensure that all windows and doors are closed and/or locked in order to preserve the securitý of the accommodation and to prevent potential damage caused by rain.
m) Travelers must turn off lights, air conditioning, fans, and electronic devices such as televisions when not in use to conserve energy. Air conditioning may not be left on when travelers are away from the propertý.
n) Travelers are not allowed to smoke in the propertý, If it is found that the traveler has smoked inside, a fine of 250€ will be applied and withheld from the deposit.
o) Travelers must dispose of their cigarette butts properly (e.g. trash can) and must not throw them on the propertý grounds under any circumstances. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a deduction from the security deposit of 50€.
p) Any broken object and any damage found upon arrival must be reported to the manager "Ardn-bnb" within 4 hours of arrival in the premises. Failure to do so may result in a deduction from the security deposit.
q) Any damage to or loss of any of the property's furniture or real estate may result in a deduction from the deposit. Ardn-bnb will make an inventory of the property after each departure of travelers.
r) To avoid breakage and damage, furniture should not be moved from one room to another without prior agreement. Please also note that towels should not leave the propertý.
s) Ardn-bnb declines all responsibility in case of misuse of the equipment provided (non-exhaustive examples: kettle, electric sockets, hair dryer, ...).
t) Upon departure, travelers must ensure that the keys are returned in accordance with the procedure provided in the accommodation. The loss of a key will result in a deduction of 100€ from the deposit.
u) Violation of any of the rules included in these regulations constitutes a violation of the General Conditions of Occupancy.
v) The Owner and manager reserve the right to terminate the occupancy permit and evict from the rental propertý any guest or visitor refusing to abide by the Internal Rules or causing a nuisance disturbing the neighbors or other residents of the communitý.
w) Pets are only allowed if they are expressly permitted in the descriptive ad of the accommodation.
x) If the presence of animals is authorized by the owner, Ardn-bnb will inform the traveler of the usual rules and regulations. The presence of unauthorized animals will result in the total withholding of the deposit and immediate eviction.
y) CANCELLATION POLICY Unless otherwise stated at the time of booking (e.g. special conditions relating to a third-party accommodation rental platform), if the traveler wishes to cancel the booking, the payment will be refunded as follows:

● 100% si l’annulation intervient dans les 48h du moment de la réservation (sauf si la date d’arrivée a lieu dans un délai de moins de 48h)

● 50% si l’annulation intervient au plus tard 30 jours avant la date d’arrivée
● 25% si l’annulation intervient entre 14 et 30 jours avant la date d’arrivée

Des conditions différentes peuvent s’appliquer en fonction de votre plateforme de réservation

z) Penalties following non-compliance with departure instructions (expressed including VAT)

Each hour started is an hour billed.

  • Cleaning in excess of usual time = €36,3/additional hour
  • Technical intervention following damage caused (excluding materials - separate invoicing) = €42.35/hour
  • Administrative follow-up of your disputed file = €42.35/hour
  • Taking care of your waste left on site (includes food left in the fridge) flat rate of 60€ for accommodation of more than 10 people, flat rate of 30€ for accommodation of up to 10 people.
  • Dishes left dirty and/or untidy, flat rate of €60 for homes of more than 10 people, flat rate of €30 for homes of up to 10 people.
  • Replacing displaced furniture = €42.35/hour
  • Cleaning of the BBQ, package of 50€
  • Beds not unmade and put together in the designated place €30 (only for houses with more than 10 people)
  • Cleaning the abnormally dirty oven €30


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